Top 7 Free and Paid WiFi QR Code Generators

July 24, 2019 in WiFi QR Codes

Top 7 Free and Paid WiFi QR Code Generators

Most WiFi QR code generators offer a simple and free version of a code you can download online. But what happens when the passwords needs a change or when you’re looking for more than basic options? Here are a few options to look into.


offers the ability to render the wifi QR code for free from your own browser for security.


Lets you generate and download your wifi QR code directly from their website for free. They offer QR codes for other services as well.


Zxing project offers a free wifi QR code generator. You can choose the size of code (small, medium, large), error correction options and character encoding options.


Lets you edit the color of the code and the background for free. For a monthly fee you can also select image size and resolution, add logos, change the shape and colour of the dots and corner markers and choose from 6 raster or vector output file types and 4 error correction levels. You can also choose to print your code on things like shirt, mugs and hats or create a visual QR code.


Lets you create wifi QR code through different plans where you pay 20-30$ a month. It automatically connects returning clients, lets you know who’s using your network in real time, request reviews from customers, you can choose to advertise on your guest’s screens, send birthdays emails, created a mailing list and it’s multilingual.


Generates wifi QR code for free.

Create and manage all of your WiFi QR Codes in one place.
Style the QR Codes and a printable PDF that makes it easy to share WiFi access with your guests and customers.

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