Best Uses For WiFi QR Codes

July 24, 2019 in WiFi QR Codes

Best Uses For WiFi QR Codes

Anyone of us can think of a time when we came in restaurant, a hotel or any other public place and had to start asking for WiFi password. We would then be passed from one person to the next until someone might finally let us know the password and how to access. This creates quite an uncomfortable situation, wastes our time, the staff’s time and creates a customer experience, that could’ve easily be better.

Let’s face it, WiFi is a basic thing. We need to work, keep in touch with the world, and we don’t like waiting for it. That’s why, any business that respects their clients, will provide the easiest access to WiFi.

1. WiFi QR code, right at your table

As I’m walking in a restaurant, first thing I’m being asked is if i’d like something to drink. Yes, thank you, but what about my WiFi? We don’t want to start on the wrong foot, do we? We’ll have our guests scan our WiFi as they walk in, as they are seated, no reason to make them look for it. You’re being welcoming and providing great service right from the start. It’s so easy to win points with your clients just by simply printing a WiFi Qr code.

2. Hotels: make your guest feel at home

My hotel room must feel like home to me, it is, after all, my home for the duration of my stay. What do I have at home? WiFi! And I must have it here too. I know where the towels are, how to call room service, I can see you left me some soap and ooh! Nice sleepers, but all that means nothing if I have to call reception to ask for WiFi. Basic needs! Print a WiFi QR code and have it ready for my arrival. Thank you, i’ll be sending you an email on your WiFi network to express my gratitude.

3. Banks: let your customers surf the wait

Banks that respect themselves started having different offers for people who wait. We don’t like waiting, especially not in banks. So donuts, candy, great coffee and free pens are all nice, but you know what would be even better? Easy WiFi access! So I can go about my day not being overly focused on the fact that I am waiting. In a bank. Writing work notes on free donuts.

4. Stores: entered you store for WiFi Access

We all know most shopping are done online, right? I’m already at your store, you don’t want me to run off to shop online, do you? Well, you might think providing me with WiFi QR code is a bad idea, but that’s wrong – let me compare prices, and shop like i’m used to, and I will come back. People today are used to getting things faster. I want to connect to WiFi right as I walk in. I want to continue my day even though I’m at your store. Print a QR WiFi code and put it in a visible place, letting your customers know you understands them, and appreciate their visit.

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