3 Reasons Why Updating Your WiFi Password On A Regular Basis Is A Good Idea.

July 24, 2019 in WiFi

3 Reasons Why Updating Your WiFi Password On A Regular Basis Is A Good Idea.

1.      Prevents hackers from freely using your network

It’s clear to us we won’t leave our office unlocked or our computer with work/business materials open for public use. Allowing strangers easy access to our WiFi network is just like giving them open access to all our hard work and information. By contacting our network they can view files on our computer, spread viruses, monitor websites we visit, copy login names and passwords, including ones we use for our banks, read our email and make use of anything they like.

Changing your WiFi password on a regular basis is a good idea, because even if you were hacked one time and didn’t know – you’re blocking the hackers every time you change your password.

2.      Prevent constant access

As business owners we’d like our clients to enjoy our Wifi, but our plan was never to provide free WiFi year round to a one time visitor.  More users on our network can cause serious slow down to our computer and connection speed.

3.      Keep Control Over Your Network and It’s Activity

When a hacker enters your network, they can change the password and leave you out. By changing the password, you increase your network’s security and make sure no one hijacks your network from you. Some hackers will take over networks to use them for illegal activity. You want to make sure everything under your network is legit.

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